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Wisconsin State
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Climate Connections: Wisconsin’s lakes are warming up. That may spell trouble for species below the surface

With its big, glassy eyes and sharp teeth, the fish has wriggled its way to icon status among Wisconsin’s wildlife. Known as ogaa in the…
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Wisconsin’s freshwater ecosystems face change due to shorter, unpredictable winters, expert says

Associate professor at the University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology Hilary Dugan shared research Tuesday on the effect of changing winters and climate change on…
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With little snow and record highs, Wisconsin winter tourism industry finds ways to adapt

At the trailhead for the American Birkebeiner Ski Race in northern Wisconsin, it almost looked like winter.
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As Wisconsin’s climate gets warmer and wetter, beloved winter activities could be in jeopardy

For many who ski the American Birkebeiner, the end of the race is the best part.

Ice fishing obsession faces peril in changing Wisconsin climate

Madison is defined by its lakes, and in the winter when the water freezes over, those lakes become spotted with hundreds of people ice fishing.
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