Coming Soon: Impacts US

Climate change impacts are already at your doorstep, no matter where you live.

Impacts US is a new project, launching in May 2024, that will tell the stories of how climate change is currently impacting lives and communities throughout the country.

These are the real consequences of climate change, happening now.

Working with our scientific partners, Impacts US identifies, researches, and promotes stories about climate change impacts in local communities and will work with local media and other communicators (like influencers) to spread these stories to the general public.

Impacts US will be a source of research, data, and experts for local journalists and digital creators.
Impacts US will publish reports with analysis of climate trends, on our own and in partnership with academic or other institutions.
Impacts US will launch initially in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin.


Impacts US is a nonpartisan communications project that helps journalists, decisionmakers, and storytellers make the connection between climate change and its impacts within local communities in the United States. We aim to elevate stories that prompt deeper understanding of climate impacts and empower local communities to create solutions.

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